• CS Series
    The Beta Three® CS-1 integrated AV system is designed for small to medium sized venues requiring high fidelity sound, with extended bandwidth for reproduction of voice, music and video audio. The Beta Three CS-1 is a complete solution in one box.
  • T Series Column Speaker
    The Beta Three® Column Series are an array speaker constructed of premium birch plywood and have been created for applications where critical placement and pattern control is required.
  • db Series PA Speaker
    The Beta Three® db Series speaker has been designed for use by search and rescue, patrol, police crowd control or evacuation, etc. This Series has a long-throw, high SPL, strong voice broadcasting, low power consumption, high definition, and is safe and easy to use.
  • BT Series PA Speaker
    BT Series PA Speaker in india - The Beta Three® BT series ceiling speaker is specially designed for commercial use. It provides comprehensive vocal and music reproduction over a wide coverage area; being suitable for both broadcast and background applications.
  • BS Series PA Speaker
    The Beta Three® BS Series is designed for public address such as plaza, supermarket, pub, chain store, meeting room, office building where high quality sound reinforcement is needed for small and medium venues.
  • QS Series PA Speaker
    The Beta Three® QS Series has been designed for wide dispersion with natural and clear sound. The elegant appearance of this enclosure is appropriate for KTV, multi-function halls for sound reinforcement.
  • BA Series Amplifier
    The Beta Three® mixer amplifier is designed and engineered to suit public address installations where continuous high power is required. This amplifier can be used in a wide variety of public address applications.
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