Buy amplifier and power amplifier in India - An Amplifier is the core of a sound system or receiver that lifts the sign before nourishing it to any amplifier or earphone speaker which amplifies the first stable essentially. A speaker or amp is must-have gear for improving the sound of any sound framework, be it your home theater framework, vehicle sound framework or electric guitar. An Amplifier is utilized in blend with speakers to upgrade the sound, yet in addition control and improve the nature of sound including its bass and treble. However, with regards to picking an Amplifier for your sound framework, it is essential to consider a couple of specs, for example, control yield of the Amplifier, controls of the speaker, sources of info and association accessible in the Amplifier, and so forth.
  • AK400

  • AK3200

  • G-60D

    Special sound feedback handling Special sound effe

  • G-60C

    Special sound feedback handling Special sound effe

  • G-60B

  • VK8302

  • DA2300

  • DA3300

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