R4/R8 is chosen by Delaware Valley Christian Church

Mar 2017, Philadelphia, United States

R4/R8 is a popular sound system for House of Worship. Recently, a cluster of R4/R8 was installed at Delaware Valley Christian Church near Philadelphia, PA of United States.


"When it was time to upgrade the sound system at Delaware Valley Christian Church we needed a speaker system that could cover a long narrow space evenly both horizontally and vertically. We chose the Beta Three R4/R8 System which fit our needs perfectly. The system was very easy to install and tune to the space. The sound is amazingly precise and the coverage is even throughout the entire room. I can not say enough good things about the R4/R8 System and highly recommend it to anybody looking for a compact line array." - By sound provider Russell Alexander



Products employed:

Beta Three

Speaker R4/R8









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