Beta 3 Installed At 'House of Hiranandani'



It is one of the most balanced and self-sufficient locations of Bangalore, House Of Hiranandani -Hebbal is a pristine residential neighbourhood on the outskirts of Bangalore. Besides the perks of impeccable infrastructure, bustling neighbourhood, Hebbal also brings tranquillity and scenic beauty to its residents. Situated by Hebbal Lake, this neighbourhood is a perfect balance of peace, view and luxury. The entire facility required a building-wide audio system with full-range sound, energy-efficient amplification and compact, streamlined mixing solutions.




To meet the gated community's requirements, our engineers installed an end-to-end Beta 3 professional audio system, consisting of Beta 3 speakers, DT and norm series amplifiers, and signal processors.


Residents can enjoy crystal clear sound anywhere on the premises with Beta 3 BS4002 mounted on the walls and C600G in the ceilings—all powered by Norm 4.4 amplifiers whereas X8i - two-way loudspeakers and U10a- active loudspeakers were installed around the gym, clubhouse, cards room and pool area, powered by DT series amplification that provided ample headroom and flexibility.

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