Ramada By Wyndham



Built with a unique, distinct design, Ramada By Wyndham is positioned in the heart of Alligarh. Located in a touristy area with a property size of 8000 square meters, the hotel includes guest rooms, conference rooms, a banquet hall, a fitness center, an outdoor pool as well as entertainment and dining amenities. Adding to its allure as a top-notch travel destination the property required premium audio systems that enhanced its facilities with pristine sound and provide travelers an elevated guest experience.




Meeting the hotel’s sound requirements, our audio integrator designed and installed a cutting-edge Beta 3 Professional audio solution. For the system that covers the hotel’s lobby, canteen, all-day dining area, the bar, rooftop and pool areas and fitness centre, the integrator installed BS4002 and CSP6 ceiling loudspeakers. Further adding excellent acoustics and creating a fun, party atmosphere, the system also features Beta 3 X10i-two-way speakers, QS600, Sigma J218 -dual 18” high powered subwoofers and MU12ba compact subwoofers. Plus, in case of an emergency, the audio system is synchronized with the hotel’s fire alarm system. Sigma C2600U signal processor maintains peak audio performance and provides versatility. In addition to DT4000 amplifiers, Ua1330 and Ba3240 amps were used to power the system.



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