9th China’s National University Games and 6th East Asia Games Relies on Beta Three

July 2011, Tianjin, China


The site for the 9th China’s National University Games was a newly-built gymnasium and auditorium located in Tianjin Polytechnic University, named Tianjin Polytechnic University gymnasium and Tianjin Polytechnic University  auditorium. They were also the site for the 6th East Asia games.


The gymnasium covers an area of 18,800sqm with a seating capacity of 5200. The gymnasium includes handball fields, basketball fields and volleyball fields, training area, and auxiliary facilities like press centre, VIP rooms, command centre, athletes lounge, etc.

The sound reinforcement system was designed and installed by Elder Audio. The multi-function system mainly focused on speech, commentary, broadcasting, and also meet the need of dynamic music reproduction.The audience area is a two-layer construction, the sound field was split to 12 small areas, which allow separated controlling over each zone. Each area was equipped with 2 Beta Three S1200N speakers. Total of 48 speakers were flown to cover both layers. After tuning, the sound  system even coverage was achieved across -the audience area with no blind spots. The playing field was covered with 4 Beta Three S1200N speakers.

The auditorium has a capacity of 1532 seats and 100 temporary seats and includes a  ten-lane competition pool, a training pool and auxiliary facilities, athletes lounge, command centre, etc.



Products employed:


Beta Three

Loudspeaker S1200N

Beta Three

Processor DP26


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