Beta 3 speakers successfully installed at 'Handsome Courtyard' in Saket, New Delhi

Beta 3 speakers - X10i, X12i, 18" subwoofer - TW118B, amplifiers - B30 and Q7i and processor - C2600, successfully installed at 'Handsome Courtyard' in Saket, New Delhi. 
X10i and X12i are 10" and 12" two way full range speakers for small venues or augmenting large venues.
TW118B is 18" subwoofer the delivers extraordinary performance at unmatched value.
B30 is Beta Three's B Series high - performance professional power amplifiers with low distortion, high damping factor and smooth sound. Whereas Q7i is a Professional Class D Amplifier, the best power solution for professional sound system requiring maximum performance and portability.
ΣC2600U is a Digital Speaker Management Processor. This device is easily programmable to meet all installation applications.

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