Beta3 Installed at "Sub Rosa"



"Sub Rosa" is Jaipur’s first casual drinking and dinning space has recently upgraded its audio technology, asking an installer to specify a versatile and powerful new system, capable of handling everything from spoken word to live music, with clear and even coverage throughout the venue.

Our partners think highly about technology and suggested Pro Audio Brand BETA3. Who is having exclusive sound quality and the comprehensive range of products.




The system at Sub Rosa includes X10i - 10" Two way full range speaker, complemented by a Mu18B subs - Single 18" Subwoofer on the floor. Class D Amplification, and digital processing come from ΣC2600U.

"Everyone immediately appreciates the power of the Beta3 system” concludes Sub Rosa team. But more compelling is how music has enhanced the ambience of the lounge by melodic effect, which came from Beta3’s unique sound.”


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