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Beta Three Makes Its Mark at National Meeting Centre

June 2009, Beijing China



The China National Convention Center, sometimes known as the Olympic Green Convention Center is a new convention center located in the Olympic Green in Beijing. It was designed by RMJM and was used for the 2008 Summer Olympics. It covers an area of 270,000 square metres. It is one of the principal buildings of the Olympic Green.

During the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, the plenary hall on CNCC's fourth floor was site for fencing preliminaries and finals, Modern Pentathlon (fencing and shooting); and the exhibition space on the first floor is the International Broadcasting Center (IBC) and the Main Press Center (MPC).

CNCC is China's most versatile international conference venue ideal for congresses, meetings, exhibitions, banquets, product launches, corporate annual dinners, etc. CNCC's center-piece is its nearly 100 meeting rooms of various sizes equipped with the most advanced AV facilities. The 6,400 sqm plenary hall is able to cater to 6,000 delegates, the 4,860 sqm ballroom is suitable for 3,000 pax banquets. The 23,000sqm exhibition hall with only three pillars can be easily divided into 4 self-contained acoustically independent sections, 5,500 sqm each.

In 2009, Elder Audio won the bid for the sound reinforcement system of near 100 meeting rooms and 23,000sqm exhibition hall and its 75 affiliated meeting rooms. Acoustics designers of Elder Audio carried on a site-investigation and came up with a solution fitting for conference sound reinforcement, performance sound reinforcement and exhibition PA system.

For the 23,000sqm and 10 metre high exhibition hall, the Beta Three high SPL S1200N was chosen. There were 130 x S1200N used in the exhibition hall, and the control system was all digital. After proper adjustment through the digital Media Matrix, different presets for various venues could be stored, so users can recall any of the presets according to the venues they are working in.

Beta Three public address BT series were installed in the 75 small and medium affiliated meeting rooms, totally 520 BT8/V and BT10/V ceiling speakers are used. With its coaxial design, the BT speakers have the capability of delivering high fidelity sound. Due to the high sensitivity of BT speaker, medium power amps could be matched with the system, so as to reduce the investment. The rated power of BT8/V is 100W while maximum SPL is up to 112dB, and BT10/V is 150W while maximum SPL is up to 117dB. Mounted in the 6 metre high ceiling, a less amount of BT10/V covered the whole area with no SPL and sound quality reduction. Same as exhibition hall system, the controlling of all rooms is through a central Media Matrix, different presets could be stored to be recalled quickly.

The rest of the affiliated meeting rooms cover an area of 100 sqm each, so 4-8 BT8/V speakers were installed in each room. Various processors and BT10/V were installed according to different functions required for each of the meeting rooms.



Products employed:


Beta Three

Loudstpeaker S Series

Beta Three

PA Speaker BT Series


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