Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival with Beta Three

Sep 2011, Sanya China 



Sanya Mingzhu Cinema in Hainan China was built for the 14th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival China. It is so far the highest level cinema of Hainan Province. Its digital stereo sound system was design and supplied by Beta three Audio. Therein, the Dobby SR.D and DTS cinema digital l stereo sound system was a typical project of Beta Three's cinema projects.

The project was required to meet the National Technical Standards of Digital Stereo Cinema (GY/T183 - 2002) and the standards of Dobby and DTS. The newly designed Beta Three Pro Cinema Series was chosen for this project.

Hall #1 has a capacity of 334 seats.  Due to the architectural acoustic features of this room, large space with short reverberation time, speakers featuring high fidelity and accurate acoustic image was required. Thus, the main field was fulfilled by 3 three-way β3 CS3415 featuring 103dB of sensitivity and 90°×40° of coverage, which achieved a proper coverage area and extremely clear edge effect and perfectly avoided interference of sound. The system was paired with 4 ULF β3 CS218B, each one features 2 18' speakers with a rated power of 1200W and LF down to 25Hz and powered by time-tested Beta Three UA amps.

The stereo sound field was supported 12 stereo surround speakers, Beta ThreeCSR215. The stereo sound system was controlled by digital speaker controller Beta ThreeSC206 and optimized by Dobby CP650D/EX digital stereo processor.

The rest of 3 halls were equipped with the same devices varying in size forthe rooms.

The cinema attracted a very positive response from the audience. Experts of the industry also claimed a very good experience.



Products employed:


Beta Three Loudspeaker


Beta Three

Amplifier UA Series

Beta Three

Controller CSC206


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