Networking Power Amplifier

The DD series is a series of network configured Class D amplifiers, designed for high-end conference, entertainment and
touring. They support Lo-Z and Hi-Z output, built in switch, supporting UDP protocol. They are mainly used for high-end
conference, entertainment and touring with excellent sound quality

DSP Functions:
1. Delay of each channel: 100ms(input ), 20ms(output ),0.01ms step.
2. 4*4 audio routing mixing, mixing ratio -80dB~+18dB
3. LPF/HPF/8 band PEQ for input, LPF/HPF/8 band PEQ for output.
4. 512 taps FIR filter.
5. Volume, Mute, Invert, Mode set.
6. Peak limiter, RMS limiter.
7. Save/Recall/Import/Export.
8. Speaker parameter configuration and saving.
9. Software permissions:User,Debug,factory


1U rack mountable

High performance DSP with LCD Screen.

90V~260V AC power input

Quiet temperature-controlled fan.

Lo-Z mode (2 ~ 16 ?), Hi-Z mode (100V or 70V)

Modular design, easy to maintain

8Ω/ Stereo 4*650W
4Ω/ Stereo 4*1100W
2Ω/ Stereo 4*1870W
16Ω/ Bridge 2*1300W
8Ω/ Bridge 2×2200W
4Ω/ Bridge 2×3740W
70V Hi-Z 4×1100W
Output RMS voltage (THD=1%,1kHz) 72.1V
Default Gain(Rated Power,1kHz) 19dB~37dB
THD+N 0.05% (10% rated power, typical)
Frequency Response typical: +0 dB, -0.5dB (10% rated power,20Hz-20kHz,8Ω)
Input impedance 20kΩ(balance) ,10kΩ(unbalance)
Damp factor ≥1000(8Ω,20Hz~200Hz)
SNR (Default Gain, A weighted,20Hz-20kHz,8Ω) ≥105dB
Main power 90~260VAC,50~60 Hz
Protection: Under voltage, DC, Over temperature, Over load limiter, Short protection
Size(W×H×D) 483×45×370 mm
Net Weight 9kg

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